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At the time our Alma Mater is celebrating the 60th anniversary, we at ICOIC thought that it would be great if we get to know about our prestigious Isipathanians, who have been an inspiration to our Country and a pride to our College. We have dedicated a special coloumn for this great purpose.

''Nadee ganga tharanaye....'' Remember the song that was played on one of Sri Lanka's popular tv commercials? Or do you remember the 'Greenlands song' theme song of Inaugural Isipathana International Rugby 7's held in 2002 ?
When Isipathana hosted the 1st International Rugby 7's in 2002, I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the 10 student usherers from College and indeed had the privilege of 'hanging out' in the official area with the stalwarts of Isipathana. It's there at CR & FC club house I saw this long haired, pierced, funky, outgoing, humble and slightly short person with his German friend. We were wondering who this guy is? Looked like one of those guys from famous 'Rock Saturday' gigs.
Later we got to know its Chitral 'Chitty' Somapala. One of the Internationally recognized Sri Lankan musicians and it was surprising to know that he was also one of us who was running around the 'Kong Gaha' few years back.
Father of Sri Lankan Hard Rock music, World renowned musician, above all a Proud Isipathanian, Chitral Somapala is joining with us from Germany.

When did you leave the College ?

As far as I remember it was 1983 when i left school to work as a ticketing trainee for Andrews Travels.

Remember the first day and the last day at college ?

The very first day is unforgettable because, one of my classmates Mr. Priyantha Colombage who is a Film Director still keeps reminding me about how we both used to cry without our parents in the school. The Last day was as sad as the first day because, you knew that you gonna miss all your friends and all the teachers who taught us everything until today.

Who were your close friends and where and what are they doing now ?

As i mentioned above Priyantha Colombage is a film director, we did some work already together, he took the complete responsibility of directing the new coming up "Nadee Ganga" Video and we are working right now on one of his Films ' One Night in Colombo' together and my part is to deliver the film score and each time we call or meet each other we still do talk about our old times. The rest of our friends are all doing fine and I'm very happy that all are in good terms with their work and their families.

Remember the names of teachers and the Principals of your time?

Of course i do remember most of them, My Grade 1 Teacher was Mrs. Dharmapala and that time the Principal was Mr. Pinnaduwa at The Isipathana Junior School. When i switched to the senior school Mr. Leelananda was the Principal for sometime and later Mr. Kudaligama and our Class teacher was Mrs. Lynette Rajapakse.

What made you become a musician ?

Music has been in my background since i was a kid, Having a Father and Mother who were doing professional music at that time so i grew up hearing music as a child even though i wasn't too much into oriental music, i grew up listening to western music because, I wanted to do something totally different from all the others that time in Sri Lanka. It did work well for me and that is where I'm right now.

Your favourite genre of music?

I do respect all types of music in general. Because, music is one language speaks in different dialects. Music is a healing tool and communicating tool to exchange moods and feelings. People have stamped me as a rock musician, of course i did several rock albums worldwide but I do listen to all types of music.

How did your career started? And who inspired you?

My career started when i was 19. When i was offered to join a Sri Lankan band 'Rondezvous' was pursuing a professional career in Europe and later I joined 'Friends' and in 1994 i left the band to concentrate on my goal as a singer-songwriter-composer on own music where I'm making a career living with music day to night.

History of your career ??

Career History? Still working on it. Please visit my site at or the wikipedia link

to read about my history.

Can you tell us something about your achievements ?

What is really important to achieve in your life is working with polite people and meeting polite people, musicians to share your goals with them and work as a winning team not as an individualist. All these 26 years in the music industry i did get the chance to work with highly skilled musicians, technicians, recording engineers and producers is a great achievement.


What do you think of the current status of the School ?

I'm very proud of my school today. It has improved immensely with technology and the education facilities all what i hear. I still didn't get a chance to visit the school because, I reside in Europe and each time i visit Sri Lanka I always think of visiting the school but as you may know, all the relatives, friends and families waiting to hook up with me.

What is your message to old boys & young Isipathanians?

I'm very proud of being a part of the oldies. We've always had fun, we've shared everything among us being one family with respect and love. To the young ones i gotta say is to keep the standard of our school, be disciplined and be creative to achieve all your goals in Humanity.

Anything else you wanna say ??

I only wish you guys all the best and to keep up the college flag flying forever…

What do you think ' Inspiring Pathanians with Praseedh ' ?


Please Watch His Song '' Greenlands '' Theme song For Isipathana International Schools 7 's and ICOIC Video Trailer For 2010 Rugby Season .....

Our Special Thanks To >> Mr . Chitral Somapala From The Team ICOIC

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