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onlineinfo  It all started in the ‘' Isipathana Rugby Fans and Kings of Rugby ’' Facebook groups when few unknown enthusiastic young Pathanians met online . Every single of them had only one similarity, which none other than pure love and passion to beloved mother Pathana.

In August 2008 this team formed a group named “ Isipathana Online Information Centre ” at the Facebook website with a goal of providing information and news , sports updates & etc to fellow Pathanians both overseas and in - country , as it happens and when it happens. They created another meaning and a dimension to the facebook groups.



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With the help of the cutting edge technology these three groups created history by giving live updates to the group members on everything , specially the live updates on the rugger matches and not to mention the official video trailers.

It was vastly appreciated by fellow pathanians and even by non - pathanians. Though every single drop of sweat the team shred was a huge success it was very limited at the Facebook ,
Therefore ICOIC crew unanimously decided to move to own website with the intention of broadening of present works cope , such as providing educational needs for the needy (specially sportsman), assistants to extracurricular societies / associations and jobs for the school leavers.
ICOIC team is constantly expanding its network through appointing of guest editors on group basis to carry forward the goal without any interruption.

We are the 1st   Online Information Centre Created in Facebook by a Srilankan School.

The 1st Facebook Group to Release The Video Trailers.

The 1st Facebook Group to Release a Website Under the Facebook group name  ( isipathanaonline.info).

The Only Online Centre which is active 24 / 7

The 1st   South Asian School Community which Released Own Mobile Apps  ( Android / Windows ) Under Facebook Group Name ·

The 1 st Srilankan School Facebook Community carrying Donation Projects for Under Privilege Schools and Students Since 2008 





'' In This World Anytime , Anywhere , We Send You The News On Time ''

- Lets Work Together For a Better Tomorrow -


‘' Strive with Determination '’




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What is ICOIC

ICOIC is an active facebook group which act as a strong online community through facebook. We decided to spread our network to a website with a user friendly manner for rapid accessibility of information.



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